The fishing pier tiki bar in Port Canaveral

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Port Canaveral, Florida

The first port after leaving Baltimore, Port Canaveral is a somewhat unremarkable location. I do have minor regrets in not visiting the NASA Vehicle assembly facility while there, but we actually spent a very nice afternoon visiting shops, walking the beach pier, and dining next to the breezy shore. A break from Maryland winter is all it took to make this a destination.

Port crew securing our lines Port crew securing our lines zoomed A view of the port area

The crew tied us up in port, but there was nothing much going on. So we were obliged to take a shuttle to the "downtown" shopping area.

A sign for Germs Linsdey in a pith helmet We went to Ron Jon's. Not impressed. A nook in an irish pub We stopped for a pint for me. Lindsey watched. Stained glass in an irish pub

We popped in and out of stores, whiling away the hours. It was just nice to be outside and not bundled up.

We walked up the beach Out to the end of the fishing pier. The Port Canaveral surf A shallow water sign A pelican A fisherman and pelican A red stripe beer A helicopter. Old... money? A pelican catches a fish A fisherman's knife A sufer catching a wave Four pelican s sit waiting A pelican flying A distance view machine A crow with a french fry A no climbing sign

We got to the beach and walked on the sand. It wasn't so warm that I really considered swimming. The fishing pier was a happening place, with lots of people and even more birds.

Palm trees A cat lounging on a deck A view of teh ocean from a restaurant table

We walked back south and got a table overlooing the ocean for some lunch before we headed back to the ship. Yes, I accidentally got switched into black and white mode. We'll pretend it's artsy.

EnchantmentPort CanaveralKey WestNassauCoco Cay