Santorini, Greece

What's Here?

It's a gallery

This is a site I've created to document and display my travel experiences and photos. I'm going to try to relate a little more context and structure with the images this time around so the content will be progressional.

If you're just here for a gallery dump has some. There are also some other small apps I've made that just have nowhere else to live.

About Me

Really quickly

I'm a late 30's nerd rocking the suburbs of MD. I like sailing, Magic the Gathering, running, and I'm trying to get into disc golf.

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Maho Bay, St John

Vacation shots

We like to travel and we like to take pictures, which means we have a lot of travel pictures. Below is a selection of the destination higlights, head into the travel category for more comprehensive coverage.

  • Rome
  • Santorini
  • Istanbul

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Marine Corps Marathon

From around here

Photos from events like races, fairs, and games I've been to. These are more sporadic since it's dependent on whether I bring a camera or not.

  • Races
  • Washington DC
  • Other

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A leaf

Real Nice Pictures

Sometimes I take pictures of things, not because of where they are but because of how they look. I may have even forgotten where these things were. But they're still good pictures.

  • Animal
  • Vegetable
  • Mineral

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