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Key West, Florida

Trip Details

Our ship made port in Key West and we spent most of the day enjoying the sights. Our stay was limited by the local ordinance that says cruise ships must be gone by sunset so as not to block everyone's view.

dock side buildings early morning Key west skyline early morning Island off the mainland Neon sign harbor marina harbor marina 2

We were up early and ready to take on the town. But it took a few more hours before debarkation was allowed.

Aquarium sign speckled ish green eel brown blowfish pink big eye fish small peeper fish starfish horseshoe crab octopus anemonie and clownfish jellyfish seahorse sucker plant puffy pink stuff

We went to the Key West aquarium, which was actually impressive given it's small size. There were many different tanks and exibbits with exotic fish.

tutles bite sign sea turtle water surface lindsey in aquarium

Lots of open top tanks gave the opportnity to just stick your hands in with the sealife, though there were signs asking that you not do exactly that. It must be an artifact of the aquarium's early days when it was just open pools of neat fish.

shark sharks crowding sharks crowding 2 historic aquarium

shipwreck museum old bottles Signal flags signal flags 2 inside museum inside museum 2 Enchantment from tower Lindsey on the tower Jeremy on the tower Aquarium from the tower US Flag Airplane flying over

Next up we went to the shipwreck museum and learned about Key West's less than savory history. They build shipwreck spotting towers, not so much to go help poor shipwrecked sailors, as to go take their stuff. It was a good museum and the view from their tower was great.

flowers and causeway leaves in sun Pelican on dockside island dogs sign pattio furniture bar pilots taps shack rooster fire hydrant

From then on we just explored the streets, seeing the sites and sounds of the town. It has a lot of character for an explicitly tourist locale.

Everyonce in a while we'd round a corner and see something like this; the Enchantment absolutely looming over everthing. I got a kick out of imagining her as a friendly giant just trying to keep out of sight, but there's just nothing big enough to hide her.

Enchantment Creeping

on this site, nothing happened trees and vines shiny car begin north route 1 Key West street inside a bar wanted: good woman Key West Beer Jeremy and Lindsey waterside Gaff rigged boat Enchantment pierside parrot on a bike pierside marina

We popped into a few bars and restaurants for food and drink but stayed on the move most of the afternoon. A very pleasant place to be, and I'd even say I was dissapointed we had to be back on the ship so early. I could have watched a Key West Sunset.

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