Mountains in Kodiak, AK

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Kodiak, Alaska

Soaked In Sunlight

Kodiak seemed diametrically opposed to our experience in Sitka. We woke with the ship nestled at a dock practially downtown with beautiful sunlight bathing the steep green hills.

We ate breakfast on the pool deck as we waited for the ship to clear. It was so bright and we soaked in the sun.

My first order of business on shore was to buy an alarm clock because neither I nor my roommate had packed one. We'd both slept straight through our first class the prior day.

My first excursion was to Fort Abercrombie on the coast which provided steep bluffs to ogle. The purple flowers there are iconic for me. I had fun playing with dept of field.

Next we traveled to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Main Office for a lecture and nature hike on a beautiful day. It's said that when clouds are below Barometer Mountain rain is coming. No clouds that day.

My parents signed up for that trip too!

And lastly we got to watch the local rescue service in action as they rescued some misguided SASers who thought climbing the slope beside our ship would be fun.

Next port is Petropavlovsk, Russia!