Ships in Vancouver Bay

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Vancouver, Canada


Our circuit around the Pacific began in Vancouver Canada. We flew to the city on June 12, 2003 with giant duffle bags packed with all the personal belongings we'd need for the next three months.

Mom and Dad on a bench Mom and Dad on the gangway

My parents and I arrived in Vancouver a few days before the rest of the students and we were allowed to board the ship early. This left us time to explore Vancouver and grow familiar with the ship.

Stanley park Trees and mountains park gardens A carving at a native american museum park trees sitting in the shade

We enjoyed the many sights and amenities of the city, including Stanley Park.

Stanley park beach more beach another angle of low tide A condo building with a tree

The point hosts lush gardens and expansive beaches with many types of marine life for examination in the tidal zones.

ships moored by the beach Boats in a marina a Marina Ships in Vancouver harbor Vision of the Seas our my porthole A tanker in Vancouver bay

In addition to hosting numerous pleaseure craft, Vancouver is a very active port. I even took a photo of the Royal Carribean Vision of the Seas out my porthole.

Sun going down more sunset The boat deck Another day anothersunset

And the geography puts Stanley Park in the backdrop of many scenic pictures.

Ashley! leaving Vancouver

Finaly everyone was onboard, including my friend Ashley, and we set sail out of the harbor bound for Alaska

Next port is Sitka, AK!