Santorini, Greece

Ah, Europe

A repeat offender

I've taken a few trips to desinations in Europe over the years. There's so much there: the density, the history, the culture. At least that's how my Europcentric education has framed it. There's most likely more history and wonder elsewhere in the world, but it's an unknown unknown. Europe is filled with quests I've learned about and know I haven't seen yet.

At the Colosseum, Rome


With many trips over many years, the most surefire way to make sure I hit them all is to go year by year.

The Sea from Majorca


I visited Spain in 1996 with my middle school Spanish class. We flew in to Barcelona, took a ferry to Palma De Majorca, and saw Toledo and Madrid.

Our flight home had a layover in Switzerland, so while I've seen the Alps I don't count that as a legitimate visit.


Just out of college in 2004 a group decided to visit our friend Jason attending grad school in Dublin.

It was a beer fueled whirlwind, and while we saw many sights and ate lots of great food I never got out of Dublin propper.

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Our flight home from Ireland stopped in Amsterdam and this time we did leave the airport to tour the city. Brief though it was, there's so much more, I'm counting it.

I find the recollection of this trip additionally noteworthy because it was the first time I felt illiterate in a foreign land as we exited the airport.


In 2005 my Dad took an extended trip to live and study in London for several weeks and I found a week to visit him. He graciously showed me around and we hit a lot of sites together, but when he was at the library I was walking the streets and taking pictures.


In 2011 we took a Mediterranean cruise on the Celebrity Equinox. I learned on SAS that having your hotel arrive in a new city overnight was fantastic and this really cemented that concept.

Rome is amazing. We flew in early to take in the city before the ship departed, but it was still not enough time. Will visit again.


Our 2011 cruise stopped at two islands in Greece and Athens. The shore is idyllic and the city is ancient.


Midway through the Equinox voyage we made port in Istabul. Wow. Waking up with minerets outside our window is something I'll remember forever.

We also stopped in Turkey to see Ephesus, and I know what you're thinking, that's NOT EUROPE. Well I'm putting a link here anyway and you'll just have to cope.