World Travel

Where to begin?

My first trip overseas was to Spain in the eighth grade. I'm really not sure what put the travel bug in my head, it just seemed like a neat thing to do. Maybe it was inspired by my Dad's trip to China, or maybe it was just the first serious decision I'd been extended. Whatever the motivation, I remember the feeling of wonder at the most mundane things in another country. And the need to photograph them.

The Digital Awakening

I got my first digial camera in 2003 for the Summer Semmester At Sea Voyage I took with my parents. Things snowballed from there. There's no reason NOT to take the picture, but what do you do with them all after that?

SS Universe Explorer, Pacific Ocean

Keeping track

I've been to a lot of places. I'm excited about going to more. But how to keep a tabulation on it all? I recall extensive travel vacations across the U.S. when I was a child. So many, I'm afraid I've legitimately forgotten the details of some.

So this is an effort, at least, to catalog these places and times along with my impressions and photographs. It'll be an ongoing adventure to see if I can 1) complete the site and 2) actually update it.


I like maps. That's honestly a large part of the appeal of travel. Studying a map and figuring out how things connect; then trying to remember it and transpose it into useful information.

So here's a map of cities to which I've traveled. I'm trying my best to make it comprehensive, but there's a chance I've missed an entry; particularly on the domestic list. It's all just based on my own rememberance and pictures I've taken along the way. These points should correlate with the coming travel sub-pages I will create, so they function as an exposition to you visiter and as an aid to me in my quest.


Alternately, I've organized these travels in three main groupings found in the top navigation bar. Use whichever feels most natural, the goal is just different presentations of the same informaton.